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Update - 8th June 2021

Take Heart is Back! It is great to be able to say the classes have re-commenced and the early indications are that word is getting round such that numbers are increasing. Unfortunately, we have not been able to mirror the schedules we had before lockdown; Newhaven is not available to us, Peacehaven could only provide afternoon classes and Withdean could only provide one class a week and not in our usual room. Stanley Deason is the same as before lockdown. Apologies to our Newhaven members and we are trying to find an alternative venue.

We have our new venue, Fitnesshub Plus in Preston Park which has replaced the Withdean classes. There is a great variety of equipment at Fitnesshub including rowers, skiers, bike, and the challenging "battle rope". Cathy is our new trainer and has proved very popular with members with a slightly different style but with a sense of fun, seriousness of purpose and a smile. She is a massive supporter of QPR and Leicester City so she can't be bad.

I am aware that some people may not be aware of the new schedules or that we have started back because they do not use email so if you know of anybody in that position, please let them know as we will of course be delighted to see them.We have picked up some new members which is fantastic news.

Excerise class times and locations

If you are anxious about re-starting exercise then please be assured that you are not alone and will be well looked after. You can of course ask your GP to pass you fit for exercise if you are concerned.

Contact us if you have any queries about the classes!

Yours faithfully
Take Heart Committee

Cardiac Exercise Classes


Classes by Location

Brighton - Stanley DeasonStanley Deason Centre, BrightonWednesday 5:30pmFriday 4:30pm
PeacehavenPeacehaven Leisure Centre, Greenwich WayTuesday 1pmFriday 1pm
PortsladePortslade Sports Centre, Chalky RoadTuesday 10amFriday 11am
Preston ParkFitnessHub PlusTuesday 4pmThursday 4pm

Classes by Day

Under review... to be updated soon.

TuesdayPortslade, 10amPeacehaven, 1pmPreston Park, 4pm
WednesdayBrighton - Stanley Deason, 5.30pm
ThursdayPreston Park, 4pm
FridayPortslade, 11amPeacehaven, 1pmBrighton - Stanley Deason, 4.30pm

Class prices

Under review... to be updated soon.


Interested? Need more information?...
Call David on: 07834 595657
Or email

“I joined TakeHeart’s cardiac rehabilitation class in 2006 after an angioplasty at the age of 64. I had always been quite healthy and physically active so the sudden and unexpected need for heart surgery quite shattered my confidence. TakeHeart’s guidance through structured classes in aerobic exercise restored my exercise capacity and encouraged me to maintain my level fitness. I’ve been coming to TakeHeart’s classes three times a week ever since. TakeHeart’s professional approach and careful monitoring of each individual gives members the confidence to regain their potential. Working in a class is so much more fun than struggling solo.”
Neil Stevenson – retired GP

Cardiac Exercise Classes

BSTHG provides community-based Phase IV exercise classes for cardiac patients designed to improve and maintain their physical, psychological and social wellbeing. These services include group exercise classes and personal training delivered by BACPR (British Association of Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation) qualified instructors

Patients attending these programmes present with chronic or post-acute cardiovascular disease but are able to preserve or resume optimal functioning through practice of improved health behaviours. As a result they can slow down or reverse the progression of coronary heart disease and this may include a reduction in medication. Patients are referred on to the programme by their GP, cardiologist or local NHS Phase III team (Royal Sussex County Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital).

About our Cardiac Excerice Classes

All classes last approximately 50 mins. Please give yourself plenty of time to change clothing before the session starts so as to not disrupt the class.

If you experience pain at any time during exercise, STOP whatever you are doing and tell one of the members of staff immediately.

What to bring with you:

  • Your GTN tables/spray (if you are prescribed them)
  • Your blood glucose monitor (if you are diabetic)
  • Your bronchodilator (if you are asthmatic)
  • A bottle of water.
  • Note: Please let the instructor know if you have forgotten to take your medication or your medication has changed. Also oif you have been unwell (stomach aches, taking antibiotics, recent chest pains / short of breath, coughs, colds)

What to wear for the classes:

  • Soft-soled trainers or shoes, (no sandals or slip-on footwear).
  • T shirt and sweat shirt.
  • Shorts, track suit bottoms, jogging bottoms.
  • Sweat bands and towels(optional)

What happens in the classes:

  • Check-in.
  • Warm-up exercises with the instructor.
  • Main exercise comprising of rotating with 1 minute of exercise on each piece of equipment.
  • Cooling down and stretching exercises with the instructor.

During the sessions you must remember to keep your feet moving whenever possible (no standing and chatting), please do not stand around waiting for a particular piece of equipment, keep your feet moving and look for an alternative piece of equipment.


Can I Drop-in?
Yes, anyone can drop in for a trial class providing they have either been referred by the NHS Cardiac Rehab Team or their GP.

What are the benefits of the membership?

  • As we are affilliated to the British Heart Foundation we are also covered by their Insurance policy for accidents within classes.
  • We have a very interesting newsletter which is quarterly and contains factual information from exercise professionals, cardiologists, dieticians and pharmacists.
  • We have several organised social events throughout the year at discounted prices
  • As part of a non profit patient led group you will benefit from the friendly close community it provides.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced Exercise Physiologist is always available for any questions or concerns you may have about ongoing exercise or something about your cardiac condition that needed to be explained in laymens terms.